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The creature is often portrayed as a magically powerful healer, blacksmith, or woodcutter in its human form, but recognizable through signs like a hairy body, red and gleaming eyes and a nasal voice. The Greeks, until the end of the 19th century, believed that the bodies of werewolves, if not destroyed, would haunt battlefields as vampiric hyenas which drank the blood of dying soldiers. They walk or stand on their back legs.


Appearance The were-hyena is said to metamorphose between three main forms: When they metamorphose fully into hyenas, they are much larger than their natural counterparts and are sometimes completely hairless. This was taken to the extreme in Ethiopia, where people genuinely believed that all blacksmiths were witches or wizards known as bouda who could transform into hyenas at will.



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  1. The Primal cult that Doctor Weirick belonged to was also likely inspired by the real life African hyena cult.

  2. They sound far more interesting than the shapeshifters we often read about. In short, ancient people thought hyenas were kind of…well…jerks.

  3. Their large golden eyes glow red right before they attack, and they have a strange rotted corpse smell that alerts you that they are near. Any person who had tasted human flesh could be transformed into a hyena man by a magician, so keep an eye on all of your cannibal friends.

  4. In Ethiopia, it's traditionally believed that every blacksmith, whose trade is hereditary, is a wizard or witch with the power to change into a hyena.

  5. Terrorizing people especially lovers Robbing graves at night Burying their half dead victims alive and come back to feast upon them at their leisure Goals Depending on members but none have good intention for humans.

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