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Leading the way should be Dabo and senior lineman Trent Bott, who has received interest to play in college and hopes to garner more attention when the season begins. After falling behind for the first time since early in the opening quarter, Cougar QB Clay Carrel hooked up with Adjrain Settler from 40 yards out to account for the final margin. Only through a deep love for God, and a sometimes wavering and often challenged faith in Him, has Michael sustained his determination to be good, better, best.

Westland cougars

The Braves started strong, getting a three-yard TD run from Jimmy Elmurr less than three minutes into the action. This year we plan on coming out and beating them. And finally, thank you for my wonderful family, and for the strength you have given them in helping me survive.

Westland cougars

Westland cougars

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