Westside cougars


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Jackson finished with 14 points in the opening half. Westside Elementary School was placed on lock down and parents of students who would normally ride their bikes or walk home from school were advised to pick their children up.

Westside cougars

Hood River County Sheriff Matt English said officers searched the area thoroughly, and notified residents in the immediate area, but could not locate the animal. Exactly two weeks later, Greenfield-Central did just that.

Westside cougars

Westside cougars

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  1. Watching film late into the night, Laker was unsatisfied with their recent play. The score was tight during the first half.

  2. Wise led the team with 14 points after a shaky first half while Helgason added We have what it takes to contend for the state championship.

  3. Never run or turn your back- sudden movements may provoke an attack.

  4. Bowman started strong with an point lead after the first quarter and a point lead going into halftime.

  5. Leading scorer Ryan Johnson hit the first three-point shot at the opening of the game and led the Panthers with 21 points.

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