What does humdinger mean


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It is often spelled hmmm, but the Oxford English Dictionary lists it as hum. Go to our Registration Page to sign up today!

What does humdinger mean

Still meaning pretty much the same thing ' to beat, to surpass, to excel'. After the American Civil War with such an incredible loss of life, the lines of the 'gentry' and the working man faded a great deal, former 'gentlemen' working right along side dirt farmers trying to scrape together a life from burnt fields. English does have an interjection that was once used for emphasis or to indicate deep thought.

What does humdinger mean

What does humdinger mean

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  1. It is a lexical orphan, with no clearly related family since it is not derived from some verb humding.

  2. Anything that is an outstanding representative of its kind is, colloquially speaking, a humdinger:

  3. However, this word began its life meaning to hit, strike, or even smash.

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