What is a cougar lady


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Having perfectly groomed hair and nails, makeup, and the works takes a load of money and appointments. Navigating the social aspects of a career takes intelligence, a strong will, and innovation, all of which are incredible attributes for a sex partner.

What is a cougar lady

Please refer to our article on online dating with our tried and tested reviews on which ones really work. She will leave you hot around the collar as soon as she opens her mouth. Success is not something that everyone will find in this life.

What is a cougar lady

What is a cougar lady

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  1. Robinson who is still married, with or without children, and still play the field whether the husbands know about it or not is another story.

  2. It is a term used very loosely these days, but do you really know what makes a woman a cougar?

  3. They have no time for B.

  4. A cougar embodies confidence, which makes an attractive woman even more enticing.

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