What is rationalization defense mechanism


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Displacement is the classic "kicking the dog" defense. Examples of lessor reality distortion include the lover who doesn't pick up on the subtle signs that his relationship is breaking apart. Example A person evades paying taxes and then rationalizes it by talking about how the government wastes money and how it is better for people to keep what they can.

What is rationalization defense mechanism

Mapping the world and the self Becoming defensive is all about learning to identify and avoid painful and dangerous situations. Being with others provides opportunities for venting, distraction, reality testing and a host of other helpful emotional supports.

What is rationalization defense mechanism

What is rationalization defense mechanism

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  1. Our social map helps us to avoid people who are likely to hurt us and approach people who are likely to help us.

  2. Humor works well to break up negativity, to inject silliness and laughter into what is otherwise serious and deathly, and to force people to look at a brighter side of their various predicaments. A number of mature defenses work by helping people to gain perspective on their problems.

  3. Dissociation is the term given to a condition where memories and attention become unnaturally disconnected.

  4. You need defense to keep you safe from those who would mess with you, but you also need to know when to relax and let your defenses down so as to retain the capability for innocence, openness and healthy relationships.

  5. Assertiveness is a communication posture that exists between aggressiveness and passivity.

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