What sociopath means


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Exhibiting frequently selfish behavior is in and of itself not sufficient to diagnose someone as a sociopath. The best way to think about a sociopath is that it is someone who does not have a conscience.

What sociopath means

The controlling girlfriend who leeches off her boyfriend, isolates him from his friends and creates drama so he feels he has to come to her rescue every time, may be a sociopath. ASPD is part of a category of personality disorders characterized by persistent negative behaviors.

What sociopath means

What sociopath means

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  1. This explains how some serial killers or serial rapists can do what they do.

  2. They tend to blame others for their own failures.

  3. How is someone diagnosed as a sociopath?

  4. But it can be treated with therapies that focus on limiting destructive behaviors by replacing them with constructive behaviors.

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