What to do if you are unhappy in a relationship


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If your relationship is making you unhappy, focusing on the source of the unhappiness will help you answer the question: Continuing to cling to a relationship even though you and your partner are growing in different directions may leave both of you feeling unfulfilled.

What to do if you are unhappy in a relationship

I feel we should move on. If you are unhappy, you cannot expect your partner to read your mind. Moving On Maybe you love your partner, but feel more relaxed and confident when you are apart, and you no longer talk unless you are arguing.

What to do if you are unhappy in a relationship

What to do if you are unhappy in a relationship

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  1. Waiting for someone to change, or trying to force that change, will only lead to more stress and destruction.

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  3. No romantic partner can fill all of your needs, so it is important to determine if your romantic expectations are realistic, according to the PsychCentral article "7 Tips on Developing and Maintaining a Successful Intimate Relationship.

  4. Sometimes, making the decision to part ways is best for everyone.

  5. I have enjoyed our time together, but we have different goals for the future. Thinking About It Make sure your unhappiness is really about the relationship and not something else.

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