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The most widespread is Inuit, which means simply, "people. I'm just a Greenlander. The number of cases varies, with Aleut languages having a greatly reduced case system compared to those of the Eskimo subfamily.

Whats an eskimo

They demonstrate limited mutual intelligibility. Although the grammatical structures of Yupik and Inuit languages are similar, they have pronounced differences phonologically.

Whats an eskimo

Whats an eskimo

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  1. Other sources regard it as a group belonging to the Yupik branch.

  2. It does not apply to Inuit or Yupik people originating outside the state.

  3. Thus, speakers of two adjacent Inuit dialects would usually be able to understand one another, but speakers from dialects distant from each other on the dialect continuum would have difficulty understanding one another. Confused about the word Eskimo?

  4. The language is often called Inuktitut , though other local designations are also used. Enlarge this image Greenland native Nina-Vivi Andersen, pictured in downtown Nuuk, Greenland, has her own perspective on the word Eskimo:

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