When should i shave my pubic area


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Shaving 'Myths' Aside from knowing about health consequences and treatments, there are some "myths" of which to be aware. It may seem like a non-necessary step, but it'll make the somewhat lengthy process much more manageable.

When should i shave my pubic area

It is also a way to find your way to the genitals. For aftercare, use the baby oil to prevent pimples and the aloe vera cream to calm inflamed skin. Make sure you are choosing what makes you look——and more importantly, feel——most comfortable!

When should i shave my pubic area

When should i shave my pubic area

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  1. You read that right!

  2. This will help prevent irritation. Furthermore, shaving will not protect you from getting other sexually transmitted infections STIs.

  3. Egg oil containing immunoglobulins can avoid rashes due to micro-abrasions. So, hair in the bikini region can actually act as a pheromone-enhanced product that increases your natural appeal to the opposite sex.

  4. However, statistics show that this is not the case.

  5. In fact, it may do the opposite! Hair in the bikini region triggers arousal As you have probably noticed on your own body, pubic hair tends to be a completely different texture than, say, the hair on your head.

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