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In , a second track was built north to Jackson's Point on Lake Simcoe. This land was formerly a part of Markham Township. Vivian Forest, a large conservation area in northern Whitchurch—Stouffville, was established in for this purpose.

Whitchurch ontario

The Vandorf Trail ran from the source waters of the Rouge River to Newmarket , across the heights of the hamlet of Vandorf , and the Rouge Trail ran along the Rouge River and northwest from Musselman Lake ; both were part of the aboriginal and Coureur des bois trail system leading through dense forests from Lake Ontario to Lake Simcoe. The white church symbolizes Whitchurch, and the star and chalice come from the Stouffer family Swiss coat of arms.

Whitchurch ontario

Whitchurch ontario

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  1. The town's southern boundary was also moved four farm lots south of the original southern boundary of Main Street.

  2. This layout remains visible today, as the road network in the area reflects the locations of the boundaries between concession blocks.

  3. Only after much grass-roots advocacy at the provincial level was the site ordered to close on June 30,

  4. Vivian Forest, a large conservation area in northern Whitchurch—Stouffville, was established in for this purpose. Between and , hundreds of thousands of litres per month of sulfuric acid, calcium hydroxide, and oil waste were poured into unlined Whitchurch—Stouffville dumps never designed as landfill sites and situated directly above the town's main aquifer.

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