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The Legend of Ron Burgundy parodies this straight to hell. RMX, a radio station from Guadalajara, runneth over with Witty Banter, especially during the morning show three guys who keep dissing each other and talking about the immortality of the crab and about recent events , and during the afternoon a something girl who keeps talking about all the times she got massively drunk. What do you say we get together after work and go beat up Miles in the parking lot?

Whitty banter

What do you say we get together after work and go beat up Miles in the parking lot? I like either side of them.

Whitty banter

Whitty banter

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  1. It is not necessary to understand things in order to argue about them.

  2. Examples of this abysmal habit can be seen in BBC local news shows, in which presenters with an alarming lack of chemistry attempt to act like chums, despite occasionally swearing at each other off camera.

  3. Sometimes, the banter gets so great that they wouldn't even care about the game they're playing and who wins or loses.

  4. I like either side of them. Sometimes the subject of the banter becomes a small Running Gag and appears in the skits themselves.

  5. Live Action Television The UK cable channel Dave is supposedly called this because they ran a survey and discovered that almost everyone in the country knew at least one person called Dave.

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