Who invented the teapot


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Spouts were often shaped as dragons or other animals. An archaeological discovered the remains of a Yixing teapot, called Zi Sha Hu in China and probably the most famous teapots in the world. While silver tea services were used by the upper crust starting in the s, stoneware pots were most commonly used.

Who invented the teapot

As Baroque and Rococo designs began to appear, they were adapted into porcelain production. Local teenagers were hired to run a concession and souvenir stand which was set up inside the Teapot.

Who invented the teapot

Who invented the teapot

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  1. Indeed, for some years there was no design difference between coffee pots and teapots. Tea did not reach Europe until when Dutch traders brought it back to Holland.

  2. But ornaments and vases, for example, may equally well be described as made of china or made of porcelain. But over the years each country has come to have its own traditional style s so that within the eastern style, Chinese teapots have different characteristics than those from Japan or Korea.

  3. Some even have vast collections in every conceivable shape and form.

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