Why do men masterbate


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I stop doing it for 2 years after I got married. Do you know any references that talk about mental problem that causes masturbation. It may also help to direct your urges into other activities such as exercise, music, art or anything else that makes you feel good.

Why do men masterbate

Do you have any adverse side effects to report as a result of regular masturbation? Although my body is craving it, i mean biology is stupid, i know that, my biology tells me to eat 4 cakes down 4 bottles of beer, if i didnt have a logic i would listen to this, but i do, so i dont. Too much time alone?

Why do men masterbate

Why do men masterbate

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  1. I have been hidden from it all and a friend and family member unfortunatly had seen him. But in any case I used to masturbate only twice a week but 3 weeks ago I got this urge and began doing it twice in a day followed by one maybe two times the next.

  2. It sounds as if regular and compulsive masturbation is familiar for you. I am a 33 married woman and I started it when I was

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