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We were very proud. This came to life in a new way as we prepared for our final presentation in Teulon- where we hosted an afternoon of performances and activities to help the town brainstorm ideas for its Centennial Celebration next year.

Winnipeg musical theatre

Reflecting back on the tour as a whole, the only regret was not being able to do more. In all levels, students take part in two separate Musical Theatre performances throughout the year.

Winnipeg musical theatre

Winnipeg musical theatre

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  1. We shared stories we dug up from research at the museum and demonstrated ways we thought they could teach this history, while engaging the whole community in making plans and dreams for the next years. The first is at our Parent Open House in the winter and the second culminates in our year end performances in June at the Winnipeg Centennial Concert Hall.

  2. This is a class for the most uninhibited entertainers who love to perform.

  3. When we entered our last week and I could feel tour coming to an end. These people are what made our time so special.

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