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I sat down and settled in, I had not calibrated my Dexcom that morning, so I pricked my finger. It is even noted that lesbians are more prone to be squirters because they experience stimulation focused mainly on the clitoris and G-spot regions of the vagina — both of which are heightened pleasure zones when trying to orgasm — basic Sex Ed people. Combine this with their less self-conscious sexual views, and it is the perfect recipe to uncover the hidden talent of squirting.

Women gushers

Moreover, some of the obligate female carriers seem to have a milder form of the same anomaly associated with slight hearing loss. I have not changed how I wear it or anything, so its been really frustrating. So — just to clarify — despite popular belief, squirting is not urine.

Women gushers

Women gushers

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  1. So how much sexual eruption can someone who encounters a squirter expect?

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