Women in sumer


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The high priests and priestesses usually reflected the gender of their divinity. In the Epic of Gilgamesh, for example, goddess Ninsun, said to be the mother of Gilgamesh, freely consults with Gilgamesh throughout the narrative as a mother would consult with her son. There were rooms for working and receiving visitors downstairs, and upstairs there was a dining room and bedrooms.

Women in sumer

In fact, while I am not going to declare that ancient people respected gender equality, I will say that women had much more influence than we commonly give credit to history for it. Wealthy Sumerians had slaves to perform many of these tasks.

Women in sumer

Women in sumer

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  1. Soil salinity in this region had been long recognized as a major problem.

  2. Holy sexual rituals were common in Sumer.

  3. When the family and the groom came to accord, a ditillum contract was drawn in clay.

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