Women who stalk other women


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The Research on Female Stalkers International survey study Meloy and Boyd 19 collected data on 82 adult women who had engaged in stalking behavior via a survey sent to mental health and law enforcement professionals in the United States, Canada, and Australia. This article reviews how stalking is defined and classified in a broad sense and why it is important for mental health professionals to be aware of stalking behavior. The sample consisted of men and 30 women.

Women who stalk other women

Female victims were targeted one third of the time. The women, on average, were in their early 30s, were unemployed, and had children.

Women who stalk other women

Women who stalk other women

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  1. The patient followed this woman to her home but denied any violent or sexual fantasies about her. Female victims were targeted one third of the time.

  2. They show up uninvited.

  3. This group had often stalked other victims before. The patient lost custody of her two young children after it became evident that she harmed her older child in a manner consistent with MSBP.

  4. There will be an obsession. Forty percent of the victims were professional contacts, frequently mental health professionals.

  5. Since it is so hard to prove that someone is stalking you, it is even more important than ever that you take steps to protect yourself from stalkers.

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