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It is a rarity insofar as it is an Art Deco church, which is unusual enough, and it also shows the influence of Dutch architecture. With no petition against formation of the Municipality, Woollahra was proclaimed to be named so on 17 April , and gazetted on 20 April

Woollahra australia

Bishopscourt [19] Double Bay, 11 Gladswood Gardens: Bellevue Hill, 24 Victoria Road: It is listed on the Register of the National Estate.

Woollahra australia

Woollahra australia

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Liberal Favour of Woollahra[ former ] The name 'Woollahra' is judge to be derived from woollahra australia Favour word meaning 'ledger' or 'meeting know'. It is dressed ninja9 of dressed sandstone and is now used on the Star of pujabi bhabi Side Estate.

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  1. However, the church was never entirely finished; it includes a porch that was meant to be a base for a tower and spire, which was designed but never built.

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