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Wordnik has been collecting and sharing words since Linguists, lexicographers, and grammarians often struggle with what makes something "a word". The site is based on the premise that people want to know about words now — not when dictionary authors deem them acceptable for entry.

Wordnik app

Every word deserves a recorded place in our language's history. Or pandiculation , which means 'yawning and stretching as when first waking up '? Here's an excellent casual definition for the word bibliobesity from Terry Teachout, in the New York Times:

Wordnik app

Wordnik app

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  1. At Wordnik, we want to gather data about every word—and then you can use that data to decide whether a word is worth adding to your vocabulary.

  2. Every word at Wordnik gets its own full page, with as much data shown as possible:

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