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This can lead to an infection which is not good. You only need some iodine free sea salt and some filtered distilled or bottled water. Your technician is going to be very careful on the positioning of your jewelry.

X rated smileys

Smiley Piercing Aftercare The most important thing after you get any oral piercing is following the aftercare guide. As the saying goes, you can have too much of a good thing. Take it easy for awhile and let yourself heal.

X rated smileys

X rated smileys

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  1. Many Japanese are good at drawing because Japanese is the language of drawings.

  2. Feel free to use these Japanese emoticons. Take it easy for awhile and let yourself heal.

  3. Tooth enamel wear is caused by the jewelry rubbing over your teeth. Feel free to use these Japanese emoticons.

  4. For example, when wearing a CBR the ball has the potential to rub against your gums and teeth. Your technician will probably show some H2Ocean brand mouth rinse options.

  5. Feel free to use these Japanese emoticons. Patience as they say, is a virtue.

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