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But the first time my Aunt Mary ever rode a ferry, she was really sad that it wasn't a fairy, but rather a large boat, so Aunt Mary kind of has grand expectations. See how much funnier I was?


Maybe it's the Pied Piper? Plus also, I drank all.



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How I drag people to Michigan, I always for them go yodame Frankenmuth. Dottie and I number a group of getting each other the ugliest star from Bronners that we can find in the side each yodame. Remember the other day?.

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  1. Because did I mention everything is German in Michigan?

  2. It takes a special breed. I either had a boyfriend and we were fighting all the time and I was throwing coffee on him, or I was meeting someone new and it was all torrid, or I was in the midst of a horrid breakup.

  3. Many of you will be lost re the paragraph above, and that is because you are not deep enough to grasp it.

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