Yolandi visser tattoos


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These crimes are often committed by repeat offenders who are as adapted to life in a cell as they are outside. After I started to educate myself about the kind of tattoos that had been used as references, I made friends with people that could help me get access to the places where gangsters lived.

Yolandi visser tattoos

The end product — these tattoos — connect with your extended art practice signwriting, printmaking etc to reflect your continued interest in history, tradition and antiquated, analogue processes, why has this been so important for you? So considering all this complex and intricate history, why did you decide to develop your own signature version? But I was psycho about it.

Yolandi visser tattoos

Yolandi visser tattoos

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  1. Their music, their look, their attitude and, indeed, their videos are true revelations and subjects of veneration for open-minded people.

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