Yoni massage music


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Supplied So, finally there I was, opening my door literally and metaphorically to Tantric practitioner Mangala Holland from Mystic Sex. For me, I practice making sound as much as I can throughout the day. It increases the circulation about four times the normal promoting release of toxins that have been stored in muscles and promoting energy flow.

Yoni massage music

Then we had an intermission if you will. Usually, it is conducted using scented oils in a room lit with candles and soft music in the background.

Yoni massage music

Yoni massage music

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  1. From here Mangala used certain techniques to stimulate and massage my yoni, she felt for tension like any other trained massage therapist and from there with my full permission she worked into these areas, asking me to breath and make sound accordingly. Vanessa Muradian is a sexologist and a yoga teacher.

  2. I think this work is really important. Next, you can light some candles and get comfortable pillows and blankets and play some soft music in the background.

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