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The site and award-winning app feature an intuitive, clean, responsive interface that keeps its users plugging away for hours. Of those, some are not going to exist, some will not be a match. This process took a few hours to complete, instead of a few seconds with a phone number it sends you a special PIN via text message and Twitter verification.

Zoosk ratings

Very slim pickings, and on a site you can't trust. The active network sends over 3 million messages every day.

Zoosk ratings

Zoosk ratings

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  1. They write back within 24 hours and they FIX the problem!

  2. Although it takes some time, you can now rest easy knowing your matches are real or at least verified when you see that green check mark on their photo. It's manipulative and dishonest.

  3. Zoosk has collected many success stories over the years, and you could be one of them! While this may seem like an unnecessary step, it does mean one fewer password and user name to keep track of for you.

  4. Also, boosts are offered, which kick you up the queue a little bit, making it so that more people see your site. People stay away from Zoosk or be prepared to get ripped off.

  5. Zoosk has collected many success stories over the years, and you could be one of them! These "gifts" can be roses, bouquets of flowers, beach balls, chocolate covered strawberries, and much, much more.

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